Faith: A Small Start

In 2013, we started our family. With lint in our pockets and the words "Be fruitful and multiply", we dove in headfirst to raising a family on one income. Ben studied Laser Electro-Optics at TSTC in Waco while Moriah was in the Nuclear Protection program there. We were married before Moriah graduated and had our first son, David.

Legacy: Far and Near

God kept giving, we kept growing and going. We moved to Michigan for Ben's line of work at the time (Laser-based Industrial 3D Printers), then lived in 3 other states for different job opportunities. Moriah honed her homemaking, crafting and awesome mom skills as Ben ended up at Adapt Laser in Kansas City, an industrial laser equipment supplier ( We have been blessed as a family to travel coast to coast together and create many lasting memories.

Purpose: Ready to Serve

With our 7 children in tow, we returned to Ben's hometown, Bryan, TX and have leaned into our dream of being able to do meaningful work together as a family: Serving you, helping you create lasting memories, leveraging our decade of experience in lasers and crafts.